Your Valentine’s Day Wine Guide

Valentine’s Day is almost here and it’s time to find that perfect bottle of wine (or two) for your special celebration. So where do you even begin?

Well...that’s easy. Let’s pair the wine with your Valentine’s personality. Like your sweetie, each bottle of wine offers its own individuality, charm and charisma. With so many varietals, choosing the perfect wine can feel very overwhelming. Here are some tips to keep in mind to simplify the wine selection process.

Personality: The Romantic

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day for the Romantic. She is bold, timeless and classy. She is sophisticated and friendly. She needs a bold red wine. A nice flavorful red can be enjoyed with a meal or by itself.

Some to try:

Cabernet Sauvignon

Grosseto Rosso


Personality: The Dynamo

The Dynamo is always on the go and works circles around most. She can’t sit still because there is much to do. She is always on the go. This personality could use some extra pampering on Valentine’s Day.

Try these:


3 Paisanos

Blackberry Bliss

Personality: The Sweetheart

The Sweetheart is fun-loving, carefree and looks for the good in life. Bubbly and lighthearted. Fruity wines are perfect for the Sweetheart.


Peach Moscato

Raspberry Rose`

Blackberry Bliss

There you have it. Swing by and we’ll help you not only make sure your Valentine’s Day goes smoothly, but is one you both will enjoy. Here’s to putting pressure and dread behind you and having a Happy Valentine’s Day!