Why Attend a Wine Tasting

So you may be a long-time wine lover. You’ve played the game of Russian-Roulette choosing a random bottle off the shelf here and there until you’ve finally found one varietal that really suits your palette. After some trial and error, you know what you like. So what more do you need?

Drinking wine is thought to be an art by some. And the world of wine is amazingly fruitful (pun intended), with so many different options available for your enjoyment. So just sticking with one kind of wine – whether varietal or brand - is like living life eating at just one restaurant. While it may be your favorite restaurant, eating the same food day after day may not leave the same flavorful experience in your mouth you once enjoyed.

Attending a wine tasting will broaden your horizons. Not only do you get to taste great wine that you may not have otherwise tried, but you will get a lot of education as well. Learn beyond what the label says. Wine tastings often involve the discussion of flavors. Which let’s face it, flavor is what wine is all about. Wine has so many descriptors, it is fun learning how to pick a few of them out.

Smooth, fruity, sweet, velvety, bold, aromatic – the list goes on and on. At a wine tasting you will learn how to pull out the different flavors of each wine and even some of the different ingredients used to make each of the wine types. Wine tastings also help you learn a little about food and wine pairings, how to “clean the palette” and why (similar to eating sushi), and how to select the perfect wine for a dinner party that can appeal to larger numbers of people.

Besides all of this, wine tastings are FUN! A great way to spend an evening out is at a wine tasting. Make it a date night, or grab your friends for a girl’s night out. Even going solo to a tasting is the perfect way to spend an evening. There is always an opportunity to meet new people who, like you also enjoy wine.

At Avanti Winery, we are proud to offer wine tastings every Thursday – Sunday in our private tasting room. And best of all, our wine tastings are free. Reservations are not necessary. So stop Thursday – Sunday anytime during our business hours and treat yourself to some delicious, handcrafted Avanti wines. We will see you soon!